Tuesday, 19 May 2015


From March 1974: THE MARVEL SUPER-HERO INDEX, published by Alan Austin.

Remember when the Marvel Universe was a far more simple place?  With only a decade of appearances and (relatively) coherent internal continuity?  

This British produced guide is a throwback to that time.  I found it in my local comic book store recently.  

I've also been picking-up various Marvel first issues lately, often from the 1990s (the impending volume in their nice series of FIRSTS trade paperbacks has suddenly switched from overpriced trade (as per the previous versions) to £100 hardback whopper... which means its cheaper to raid the 50p boxes.  And, the book still only has a smattering of the myriad of launches from the time), and it struck me that indexing and cross referencing the 1990s would be a heck of a lot more complicated than tracking Marvel's first ten-or-so years.  

And today's relaunches and reboots just leave me thinking "meh". 

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  1. its not so much ' meh ' as ' eaargh '...as I said in an earlier post, its virtually impossible these days to keep track of all the myriad comic series spewing forth from marvel and dc.

    Back in the 80;s, the SECRET WARS was just a 12 issue mini- series although SECRET WARS 2 spread to other titles with tie-in stories. But with this new version, not only do we get the core title but also a legion of spin off titles with no end in sight.

    Yes that would be a hell of a job to index the 90's, I wonder what the marvel 1980s blog would make of it ?


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